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  Wildstreak Chardonnay
$28 each
2019 Chardonnay Wildstreak Chardonnay
Aromas of peach and nectarine, with a rich mouth feel and fresh acidity on the finish.
  Wildstreak Semillon
$28 each
2018 Semillon Wildstreak Semillon
Lemon and lime combine with chalky textures and natural acidity to provide a crisp and long dry finish
 Wildstreak Cabernet Franc
$32 each
2018 Cabernet Franc Wildstreak Cabernet Franc
Ripe dark berry fruits and a subtle hint of dark chocolate are carried by fine oak tannins to long finish.
 Wildstreak Cabernet Sauvignon
$32 each
2018 Cabernet Sauvignon Wildstreak Cabernet Sauvignon
Rich dark fruits are guided by soft silky tannins to a long, fruit-driven finish.
 Wildstreak Merlot
$32 each
2017 Merlot Wildstreak Merlot
Aromas of fresh blueberries and blackcurrant. The palate is medium bodied and fruit driven with savoury plum flavours.
 Wildstreak Shiraz
$32 each
2018 Shiraz Wildstreak Shiraz
Dark cherry and red berry notes are guided by soft oak tannins to a long finish.
 Wildstreak Tyrian
$40 each
2018 Tyrian Wildstreak Tyrian
Powerful ripe blackberry fruit characters are supported by firm tannins and a bright acidity.
Anomaly Arneis
$30 each
2020 Arneis Anomaly Arneis
Bursts of fresh pear and apple, stone fruits and creamy almond.
Anomaly Barbera
$36 each
2018 Barbera Anomaly Barbera
Flavours and aromas of strawberry, blackberry, cherry and plum. A full bodied wine with soft tannins and high acidity.
Anomaly Pinot Grigio
$30 each
2019 Pinot Grigio Anomaly Pinot Grigio
Vibrant aromas of apples and pears, with fresh citrus and a subtle textural layer finishing with a zesty acidity.
Anomaly Pinot Noir Shiraz
$36 each
2018 Pinot Noir Shiraz Anomaly Pinot Noir Shiraz
Medium bodied with savoury fruits, fine tannin and a soft acid finish
Anomaly Saperavi
$36 each
Red Wine Anomaly Saperavi
Luscious ripe plum, cherry and spiced dark fruit, with firm tannins and bright acidity.
Anomaly Shiraz Touriga
$36 each
2018 Shiraz Blend Anomaly Shiraz Touriga
Anomaly Shiraz Touriga
Anomaly Tempranillo
$36 each
2019 Tempranillo Anomaly Tempranillo
Intense rich plum and ripe strawberry combined with savoury spice. Elegant tannins ensure great length of flavour.
Anomaly Vermentino
$30 each
2019 Vermentino Anomaly Vermentino
Enticing white peach, pear and citrus lead to savoury notes and a lingering minerality.
Ironbark Hill Extravagance
$18 each
Sparkling White Wine Ironbark Hill Extravagance
A delightful blend of Semillon and Chardonnay. A modern and easy drinking style of Sparkling wine.
Ironbark Hill Novato
$22 each
2018 Sweet Sparkling Wine Ironbark Hill Novato
Soft sprtizy finish balanced by natural fruit sweetness
Ironbark Hill Semillon Verdelho
$22 each
2019 Semillon Blend Ironbark Hill Semillon Verdelho
Rich tropical fruits of guava and pineapple with a zesty finish
Liqueur Muscat
$30 each
Muscat Liqueur Muscat
A delicious Liqueur made from Muscat grapes
Liqueur Shiraz
$30 each
Port & Tawny Liqueur Shiraz
A modern "Port Style" fortified wine made from Old Vine Shiraz grapes from our Ironbark Hill Vineyard
Liqueur Verdelho
$30 each
Fortified Wine Liqueur Verdelho
A delightful fortified Verdelho, with sweet flavours of honey and candied fruit and lifted spice.
OCCA Classic Red Wine - EXPORT
$4 each
Red Blend OCCA Classic Red Wine - EXPORT
A firm, rich fruit red wine, made from a blend of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Chambourcin.
PD Sparkling Moscato
$30 each
2018 Sweet Sparkling Wine PD Sparkling Moscato
Delicious raspberry sherbet aromas with lingering strawberries and cream flavours and a soft spritzy finish
PD Sparkling Semillon Chardonnay
$30 each
Sparkling White Wine PD Sparkling Semillon Chardonnay
A modern easy drinking style of Sparkling wine, made from Semillon and Chardonnay grapes.
PD Sparkling Semillon Chardonnay
$30 each
2018 Sparkling White Wine PD Sparkling Semillon Chardonnay
A modern easy drinking style.
Wildstreak Riesling
$28 each
2020 Riesling Wildstreak Riesling
Delicate citrus blossom with mineral notes. Crisp natural acidity carries lime zest and green apple to a bright finish.
Wildstreak Rosé
$30 each
2019 Rosé Wildstreak Rosé
A delicate floral perfumed nose with a soft palate of ripe strawberries and stone fruit.
Wildstreak Sparkling Semillon Chardonnay
$40 each
2016 Sparkling White Wine Wildstreak Sparkling Semillon Chardonnay
Semillon picked early for natural acidity - Chardonnay added for mouth feel
Wildstreak Verdelho
$28 each
2020 Verdelho Wildstreak Verdelho
Bright aromas of green pineapple and ripe guava. Delightful tropical fruit notes and zesty acidity.